About Me

I am a natural light photographer located in Central Pennsylvania specifically the Carlisle/Harrisburg area.  I have always loved looking at photos and photography. When I was little I if I was reading a history book or biography I would always skip to the middle of the book to look at the pictures first. I loved to wonder what the people were thinking, where they were and what they would tell me about that photo if they could. I admit I still do this when reading as it really personalizes the story for me. My passion for taking photos was ignited after having my children and I was capturing moments that I would remember. 

Over the past 4 years I learned photography through online classes and lots of practice.
I am so excited to share my  love of photography with you and your family.  The most important part of getting good photos is to relax and be yourself. When people are relaxed and having fun is when you get genuine and beautiful portraits.  I try to combine a mix of informal portraits with lifestyle and candid photos so I can capture the small fleeting moments that you want to remember. When you choose the location whether it is your backyard, your home, your favorite place to hike or get ice cream it helps you capture you and your family in the way the most authentic way.