Friday, March 25, 2011

Bloom 52 Week Challenge- Week 12: Good Night

Emma goes to bed pretty early each evening, about 7:15 or so.  I took this photo a few nights after Spring Forward.  So much for night!  Check out the light coming into Emma's bedrooom.  The sun sets into her bedroom so  it was pretty bright at bedtime. Good thing I can shut the shades and she is a good girl and goes right to sleep.  

Now head on over to Amber's blog from Amber Norris Photography and check out her Good Night photo!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Bloom Forum and 52 Week Challenge

Last month I joined a photography forum called The Bloom Forum. It is an amazing place where women photographers both professional and hobbyists can discuss photography.  I am LOVING it, people are so open and inviting. There are so many creative juices following.  It is really inspiring.

One feature of the forum is that you can join a blog circle for a 52 week challenge. Each week I receive a prompt, take pictures relating to that prompt and then post pictures and words to go with the prompt on my blog.  I then connect my blog to other photographers and you can see their take on the prompt.  The links go in a circle and eventually if you click on each link at the end you will come back to my blog.

I start my blog circle on Friday so check it out.  Our first prompt is "Good Night".  I am not going to post my picture until Friday but here is another take on Good Night that I took last spring. I still love this picture and I can't have a post without a picture.

See you Friday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prettiest Pea turns 2!

On March 16  Emma turned 2!  How did that happen?  Time is going by way too fast!  My baby is now a true toddler and is looking more and more like a girl. Last weekend we had a small birthday party for her here at home. She was so excited to wear her party dress, the flower in her hair and of course to eat her cake and cupcakes.  Here are a few pictures of her in all her birthday glory.  

My favorite :)
Here are some pictures of the cake, cupcakes, and other decorations. The desserts were so much fun to make. Emma loves rainbows, flowers, and butterflies so that is what we did for her birthday.  I love that her birthday is so close to the beginning of spring!  So many great ways to celebrate!

Emma's birthday wouldn't be complete without some gifts.  The boots were from James, he picked them out himself. He knows she loves boots.  The card is also from him,  he wrote the whole thing himself, with spelling help from me.  Such a good big brother and so proud:).  He even helped her open all her gifts!  Her favorite gift though was her bee backpack.  She wears every time we take James to school and pick him up.  It makes her feel like a big girl. Pictures of her with the backpack to come soon because they are so adorable together.
boots, boots.