Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Bloom Forum and 52 Week Challenge

Last month I joined a photography forum called The Bloom Forum. It is an amazing place where women photographers both professional and hobbyists can discuss photography.  I am LOVING it, people are so open and inviting. There are so many creative juices following.  It is really inspiring.

One feature of the forum is that you can join a blog circle for a 52 week challenge. Each week I receive a prompt, take pictures relating to that prompt and then post pictures and words to go with the prompt on my blog.  I then connect my blog to other photographers and you can see their take on the prompt.  The links go in a circle and eventually if you click on each link at the end you will come back to my blog.

I start my blog circle on Friday so check it out.  Our first prompt is "Good Night".  I am not going to post my picture until Friday but here is another take on Good Night that I took last spring. I still love this picture and I can't have a post without a picture.

See you Friday!

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