Friday, November 19, 2010

New Location? New Light?

I finally received my camera back from the shop and it is as good as new! While it was away I was scouting out some new places to take photos. Different locations with different feels, backgrounds, and light.  There is a small park in town that I wanted to check out because it looked earthy and the light in the morning always looks good. I dropped James off at preschool and headed over to this park for some early morning photos with Emma.  The weather was perfect, cool and sunny. The trees in this park are beautiful and color coming through them was awesome.  The hardest part of today was getting Emma to sit somewhat still so I could get a good photo.  She did pretty well after I promised her that she could have a cookie!  Next time I need to bring some yummy snacks or props to occupy her and put her in a cuter outfit! Here are some photos that I love from our 15 minutes in the park. 

 I know they have some sun haze but I think it makes the light in them gorgeous and you can even see a tiny rainbow in one of them if you look closely.  A few more to come in the next few days, with haircuts, cute clothes, and props!  I am also taking photos of my friend and her dog this weekend and we have some cute ideas up our sleeve.  Hopefully I can post those soon as well.