Monday, November 15, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Photos

I have already started looking at the Shutterfly Holiday Card choices for this year.  I love Shutterfly and use them for lots of my printing needs.  They do one hour photo to Target which  I like because I am at Target 3 times (don't laugh!)  a week or so and can easily pick up my photos.  Anyway, they have some awesome selections this season and I know I can find some designs/sizes/number of photos that will go with my holiday photo. I love that I can choose what size card I want, how many photos I have, and colors and it will narrow down all the choices they are offering.  Makes my job of creating a card much easier!

I am hoping to have a simple but modern card that focuses on the photo. Here are a few I am thinking of purchasing...


I love the simple colors and beautiful fonts. I also love making my own Christmas tags and this goes right along with my love for tags!

Again, simple fonts and colors.  I can decide after I choose outfits, locations, and do my photo editing.

This is my last choice but I love the colors and that you can actually write a message!

The other thing I love about Shutterfly is that you can choose matte or glossy photos for cards and I love my photos to have a matte finish. If you have a blog and post about Shutterfly they will give you 50 free holiday prints which is pretty cool too!  Go here if you want to give it a try!

Update on my camera:  In addition to having my sister's camera to use I busted out my old 35mm SLR film camera and am going to attempt to that.  Look for how those photos turn out!

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