Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mary and Sophie- A Love Story

On Sunday I headed out with Mary and Sophie for a little photo fun. I love Mary, she is sweet, friendly, and really easy to talk to. I love the way she handles Sophie, with such a good sense of humor and love. When she asked me to take pictures of her and Sophie I was really excited. I love this dog.  She is super sweet and playful.  She is gorgeous to look at and she is HUGE and STRONG and just a little nutty, which makes her perfect!  I am used to nutty! Anyway, we had such a good time walking outside in the FREEZING cold.  My fingers were little icicles at the end but it was totally worth it for these pictures. I had some ideas in mind about where to go and what I wanted to accomplish but Miss Sophie wasn't having it :).  Mary warned me and told me she wanted a more photo-journalistic look and less portrait looking photos which is exactly what we got.  I think the pictures tell such a good story about each of their personalities and how much they love each other.

Heading out through town for our walk.  

Stopping for a photo...
Not for too long!  So many things to see.

True Love in Sophie's eyes.

Love this one!

Mary's face says so much in this picture.

Another Favorite. I can't remember if this was before or after Sophie jumped 4 feet up onto the wall!

Thanks Mary and Sophie for giving me a little look into your world!

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