Friday, December 17, 2010

"This Holiday is Perfect"

We are really enjoying December this year.  Getting ready for Christmas has been so exciting.  I started an Advent Box with James that gives us an activity to do each day.  One is fun (like watching a holiday movie or singing Christmas Carols) and another is a way for us to think of others during this season (like bringing a toy to a child in need or food to the food pantry).  He loves doing both things and loves knowing how long we have until Christmas.  James just said to me today, "This holiday is perfect, Mama!  Our tree is so pretty and everyone loves everyone." I am really glad that the things we discuss at home and are promoting are making an impact on him.  He is still really into getting things and wanting things which is expected and fine but we really wanted to make sure he understood all the other aspects of the holiday season.

James drinking his hot chocolate!

James and Emma both loved decorating the tree and we had so much fun watching them find the ornaments and place them on the tree.

Emma kissing the Snowman

The music is also in full effect here and we are listening to Glee Christmas, Raffi (a great tradition), and the Hotel Cafe presents Winter Songs with some free Pandora thrown in for good measure.

We also have a visitor who is staying with us until Christmas.  His name is LP (named after my dear friend Emily's little boy).  LP is an elf who comes from the North Pole each day and watches James and Emma to see the good and naughty things they do and then report back to Santa each night. The Elf on the Shelf is a big hit and the kids love finding him each morning (he appears in a different place each day).
Meet LP

Playing with the Nativity is a big hit with both James and Emma.  James really knows the story about the birth of Jesus now and can retell it to Emma using the nativity.  Emma loves Joseph and would love to carry him around all day. He has a rather sharp stake that he holds so we discourage this and she plays with a wooden version that we have.

Our Nativities

We are up to our heads in crafts as well.  We have made Advent Spiral Bread (which was yummy and now gone) which we found on Rhythm of the Home.  Made some frozen ice lanterns which we found on Ordinary Life Magic.  We are also working on some holiday cards, homemade wrapping paper, and handmade gifts for friends. James is so proud of the work he has done on his cards and handmade gifts.
A very cold search for festive brush

It is bringing Dan and I such joy to watch James and Emma at this time of year, the excitement, the anticipation, the awareness of others, the building of traditions and the learning about the birth of Jesus and Advent as been amazing.  More to come later with our finished crafts and baking ideas!


  1. What a great idea to have the Advent calendar be a box of things to do - and including giving to others, even better! I may have to steal your idea a couple of years from now.

  2. I have been seeing a bunch of the advent calendar things online so i just modified for us! You can definitely steal it!