Monday, February 7, 2011

Joy of Love continued...

So I am continuing in my quest to find the Joy of Love in our home.  The hardest part is taking the pictures.   Day 4's prompt was take a picture of what they wear. Emma just got this new shirt and she loves it. It is a perfect message! Super cute too!

The prompt for day 6 is what they love.  I love that my kids love each other.  I know it is cliche and tons of people probably would say the same but I love that they take care of each other, teach each other, and even sometimes (?!)  fight.  Makes them stronger, better siblings.   Here they are waiting for our neighbor and her dog to make their morning round.

Day 7  was about photographing different generations. I am going to hold off until my parent or in-laws make a visit. I need a good grandparents photo again. It has been too long. I am sure this month I can make this happen.

See you in a few!  xo

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  1. Love those kids together and your words to go with it! So precious!