Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joy of Love

I signed up for a class with Kelly Willette called the Joy of Love.  I am so excited about this class.  Each day she sends an email with a photo prompt, some ideas, and a video tutorial.  I am loving the prompts, forcing me to take pictures in different settings.  I am going to take more pictures of Dan which I am sure he will love and I am almost never do.  I am also going to try to take some photos of us together because it doesn't happen that often and I do love us together.

The first day the prompt was to take a picture of a loved one doing what they do.  This is Dan ironing his pants in the morning. The light was really bad and the shutter speed on my camera was really slow so I edited it in black and white.
The second day the prompt was to take a picture of a loved one doing what they love.  I took  some pictures of James playing with his legos.  This is his absolute favorite thing to do.  I love these pictures of James.  My house gets fantastic light during the day and the sun was finally out so I took advantage of it and got some awesome pictures of him and his beloved Legos.

 Today the prompt was to take a picture of  now and compare it to when you first met your loved one. I snapped this picture of James this morning singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"  to Emma. It reminded me of a photo that was taken of him when he was  just a few days old.

My goal is to post my Joy of Love photos every three to five days. I am also doing Project 365 so Joy of Love is helping me stay on track with that as well. Can't wait to find more joy and more love around here and to share the happiness that is in our life through this awesome class!


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