Friday, April 22, 2011

Bloom 52 Week Challenge- Week 16 Easter Eggs

Today a friend and I dyed Easter Eggs with our kids! We didn't use regular PAAS dye though. We went au naturel and dyed the eggs using different foods.  It was so much fun to see the colors each food created..  We used onions both red and yellow, grape juice, beets, and turmeric.  I got the information for dyeing the eggs from Lakewinds to guide me in prepping the colors.  We had so much fun and the eggs came out beautiful for the most part. I liked the onions and the turmeric the best.  The colors were muted and natural.  I don't think the beet dye came out as dark as it was supposed to and I would not recommend using the grape juice.  It made the eggs too sticky and the color wasn't so great.  I may try doing the beets again today because I have a ton of eggs and beets left over.  Next time I would also like to use some of the skins to create patterns and designs on the eggs.  It was tons of fun but the kids weren't totally  into it.

Here are some pictures of our eggs.

Head on over to see Cat's take on the egg theme!  Leave her and the other girls in the circle some love after you stop by!  I am sure you will enjoy all their photos too!