Friday, April 29, 2011

Bloom 52 Week Challenge- Week 17 JOY cheated.  I took this photo last week, not this week. I know- crazy.  I always post pictures of my children and their stories. I can always relate each theme back to them. So I chose to use a photo from last week because I kept coming back to it when I was thinking about joy.  Last week, the kids and I were up in CT visiting my parents.  While we were there we visited with my grandparents, Sitto and Giddo (Arabic for Grandma and Grandpa).  I am half Lebanese and grew up learning lots about Lebanese culture and foods.  Anyway, I only see my Sitto and Giddo a few times I year. I am so fortunate that I have them in my life and that we are so close.  I have memories of them from my childhood but now I also know them as adults.  It is amazing to see them, know them,  listen to their stories both old and new.  Seeing them brings me so much joy.

This is a picture of my Giddo, George Nichols.  He is an amazing man.  He is the hardest worker I know. He built the home he lives in now with his own hands.  He raised his family there and we have 4 generations who celebrate holidays there.  He still does work around the house keeping it in such wonderful condition.   He is social, funny, and extremely smart.  Not just book smart but life smart. The BEST advice I have I learned from him and Sitto. I follow their values and beliefs each day.  I am lucky they shared their wisdom with me and I can carry and share with my family. I can see Giddo in my children.  James is a fixer just like Big Giddo and they love to head down to his workshop for some serious fixing time.  Emma is a hardworker and persistant (some might call it stubborn ;).

The best part of visiting my grandparents?  I know that it brings them so much joy to have us visit them. I wonder what it must feel like to be in your 80's looking at what you created,  the people, the family, the personalities. Never in your wildest dream could you dream up what your life could be become, who the people will be and how much joy they can bring to you.  I am so blessed to have my children know their great-grandparents and watch them bring each other such joy.  My kids LOVE them, not because they have to but because they truly love the people Sitto and Giddo are. They show my children who they are.  That is Joy.

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  1. Oh this post made me cry! So sappy and sweet!

  2. I love this Aimee. What a great message. Fantastic shot, too.