Sunday, April 3, 2011

Emma Funny

Emma is talking like crazy now.  She loves to laugh and say "Emma funny" and then laugh again.  She says the sweetest things and her personality is really growing. Since I don't want to forget any of the things she is saying and doing I figured I would share on here.

Here is a little list of some of the things Emma is saying lately:

1)  When she puts on something new she says, "How do I look?"
2)  "Guess What Mommy?  Guess What?"
3)  When she sees Dan with either is phone or a drink she says "That's Mommy's phone" or "That's Mommy's drink"
4)  When playing with her dolls, she says,"Good Night, Sleep Tight,  don't let bed bugs bite, see you in the morning"
5) Since James is playing tee ball, she keeps saying, "Nice throw!"  and "Good catch!"
6) She loves sweet treats and when she is all finished with her meal she says, "Emma going to Sweet Treat City!" and then she gets a cookie.
7) She points at James's baseball card and says "That's A-Rod."

Things Emma likes:

1) Headbands
3) Books- Especially books about bugs like Bugs and the Very Hungry Caterpillar
4) Her bee backpack
5) Her dolls
6) Woody from Toy Story
7) Riding her tricycle
8) Swimming in the "coowah" with Taylor
9)  Olives
10) Pet Patties (peppermint patties)

Things Emma does:

1) Only wants Mama to change her, get her out of her crib, give her a bath.
2) Cuddles with Daddy
3) Goes in the "gween car" with Daddy.
4) Reads alone for 15-20 minutes at a time.
5) identifies many of the bugs in her Bugs book
6) Recites lots of nursery rhymes
7) Plays music and sings along to her Music Together cd's.
8) Screeches (loudly) when she doesn't get her way.
9)When you ask her for a kiss she leans her head into you.
10)  Likes to choose what she wears down to the socks, coat, and shoes.

The "Dressy Dressy" she wants to wear every.
Loving her sweet personality lately.

Next up:  James!  Can't wait to share his loves lately!

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  1. Aww! This is great! My mom has a typewritten list of ridiculous things I said when I was little and I LOVE looking back at it so Emma will love this one day! Also, I just saw that Kohl's has a stuffed animal of the Hungry Caterpillar for a limited time!