Monday, April 4, 2011

James Loves

This is typical James right now. His Henny and Biz (Dan's parents) taught him how to do this magic spell.  This video is from last month. I hadn't shared it but I think it is very very James.  He loves being silly.  He loves being with Henny and Biz and talking to Tutu and PopPop on the phone. He loves T-Ball, swimming with Taylor, riding his bike, and reading Magic Tree House books.  When we are outside he takes his backpack and pretends he is Jack and we are in the tree house spinning off to another time. He even carries a notebook and pencil so he can "take notes".

James loves helping me bake and cook.  He measures, pours and stirs.  He especially loves making bread and banana bread. He also loves listening to music from Lady Gaga to Vivaldi and even some Grateful Dead (he and Dan listen  to Fire on the Mountain and Shady Grove).  He loves working and writes notes to me and makes lists.  One day I made a list for Target and he asked me how to spell 'toy'. I looked at my list and on the bottom it said, " a toy for James". Ha, nice try.  He loves Legos and can put together a bunch by following the directions all by himself.

He is learning to read and can read lots of sight words. He is constantly sounding out words and trying to see what they say. He loves to rhyme and can make rhymes and point out if something rhymes. He likes writing books and made a book about squirrels for his friend. Since he loves books his comprehension is fantastic,  he can make predictions, retell parts of the story, and understand cause and effect.  (Sorry, that is the teacher in me coming out!)

It isn't always fun and games. He is much more verbal about what he likes and doesn't like and we have had many talks about talking rude and using words instead of hands.  He is learning what he can and can't get away with.  We also are working on being a good listener. Mostly he does a good job :) but still needs some reminders.  It is a reminder to me too that he is still four, still needs directions,  still needs a Mama and Daddy who will  help him grow into a kind, gentle, respectful and hardworking young man.

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